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Joe Mullins &

The Radio Ramblers

David Browning as the "Mayberry Deputy"

Since they got together eight years ago, Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers have been seen by thousands of fans across the continent at nearly every national bluegrass event. Their professionalism and successful, heavily played recordings keep them in demand with a national audience.  


JMRR was named the Emerging Artist of the Year by the IBMA in 2012, they are frequent guests on the Grand Ole Opry, and they host the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival each March and November.  Their newest recording, Another Day from Life, has been very well received by fans and radio stations alike.  A contributing factor to JMRR’s success is their active marketing capabilities, due to Mullins’ network of radio stations in the Midwest, including a 24/7 webcast and apps for iPhone and Android.

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