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David Browning

as the "Mayberry Deputy"

David Browning as the "Mayberry Deputy"




“The Mayberry Deputy/David Browning is A BRIDGE between the Andy Griffith Show and today.”

Don Knotts, Actor & “Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show


    The Mayberry Deputy (MD) “Abe Lincoln” and “Ebenezer Scrooge” are aliases of David Browning.  Improvisational actor, humorist, speaker and host, Browning uses costuming, gestures, facial expressions and audience participation to provide an atmosphere of good clean fun. His non-offensive, thoughtful, memorable performances appeal to diverse ages & backgrounds, adding life to any corporate or nonprofit event; Small & large groups embrace him with continual requests & referrals. Organizations & agents express appreciation for Browning’s professionalism & quality of presentation. 


    MD’s appearances include mingling, giving out “citations” (autograph pictures) and performing with uplifting message, as well as providing pre & post show entertainment.  Folks enjoy MD because it brings back a time gone by.  “In our world today, people are searching for their own Mayberry” Browning says.  “In blending the character with who I am, I value what it gives people today; laughter and memories”.


Browning was honored to open for Mr. Knotts over 11 years.

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